If you have questions about how to properly use the Trainer Targets or ideas about how they can be improved, please make contact at:



You are free to print as many Training Targets as you like, but be aware the design is copyright- protected! So please do not change, edit or make other versions available. If you miss features in the design, send an email.


The EggCube Shooting targets are a design by Mr. Berqstrom:

Quote from the Designer:

"I'm a Civilengineer from Norway with great interest in hunting and the shooting sports. When I first saw the Rimfire Egg Challenge, I thought: this looks rally fun, but it also creates a lot of waste! I belive the shootingsports are supposed to be fun, but we shooters have to be aware about our environment and set a good example for the youth as they grab their first rifle. If you have tried to clean up after some long range watermelon shooting, you know what I mean.

So, I thougth about how it would be possible to still use real eggs in the Rimfire competition, but save some food while Training - and the idea about the Training Targets came to life".