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11 Jul 2016 - By Mr. Berqstrom, Revised 22 Jul 2016

5. Residential complexes: Partly included in EggCube Solutions with the BeeCube Building System
6. High-rise/ apartment towers (not included in the EggCube Solution)
7. City center, shopping and landmarks (not included in EggCube Solutions)

- Infrastructure: Massive corridors in the city landscape with minimum amount of stops, connects to other (distant) geographical locations.

- Local infrastructure follows fractal patterns with the main nodepoint as start for the fractal seed

- SquatterWeb optimze unseen recources in the city landscape by sharing squatter intel to the People (as a buttom up solution), while the established top down - enforce the law.

To simplify the steps as shown above is it possible to see step 1-5 as the roots of the city, while step 6-7 is the plant. To give life to the plant is it nessesary to water the roots and provide with plant nutrients. Without these actions would the core of the city not survive, and there would be no beauty to see..