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Chrubrinza City

Welcome to the EggCube City - Chrubrinza
11 Jul 2016 - By Mr. Berqstrom, Revised 22 Jul 2016

Here will the presentaion of chrubrinza come.

Article Under development

City Growth Program: How 2 simulate growth
11 Jul 2016 - By Mr. Berqstrom, Revised 22 Jul 2016

a.) Data analysis/ mapping of the existing (fractal) algorithm behind the existing city structure.
Strengts of the roots, how developed are they, and on what level can the city structure develop without needing to re- build everything. 

b.) Generat Process Scenarios /simulation of the growt
By simulating how the defined fractal/ fractals will grow in the city over time is it possible to make a planning process for growth, and see what steps must be implemented to support the city's development. 

c.) Execution/ system implementation (Setting the fractal seed for the city growt)
Make the nessesary political decitions for future growth, based upon the growth pattern and change existing structure to fit the plans.

- The abc for the City Growth Program is a continuous process.

City Program
Hyacinth growing in a bulb; Source: Gardeningnirvana.comused with permission, edited by
Hyacinth Bulbs, blog post, 5 Jan 2015, photo by Alys Milner, editing by Audun Bergstrom 11 Jul 2016