AirBnB for squatters - without the air & the B's
02 Sep 2015 - By Mr. Berqstrom

This goodwill initiativ is an idea about a websystem making it easier for squatters to find the right spot for the night. It could be seen as a "non-profit" for abandoned buildings, street, benches or even nature.
The goal is to help people to improve their livingstandard where they are by sharing nessesary information at an anonym webspace. Here people should be able to share mapdata and other media (text/ pictures/ video) about specific areas suitable for squatting, where every location had a guestbook, for people share their experience and give ratings.
As an example it would be interesting for others to know about nearby facilities, how long other squatters had stayed there without problems from police / landowners or local warlords / streetgangs and if anyone had demanded pay from them. In this way could a safeOmeter give a rating about safetyLevel and what to expect when squatting there. Furthermore would a guide to  the nearest homeless shelter be a natural feature.

Togheter would this information create a SquatterWeb™ based upon a standard social web platform, giving necessary information to individuals for a better "standard" in their life as squatters.