Safe Tent

Secure Tent for refugee camps
23 Aug 2015 - By Mr. Berqstrom

To help solving the situation with rape and violence in refugee camps, as discussed in the past article (15 Aug), I hereby present the solution for a "SafeTent™".

SafeTent - secure tent for refugee camps; Source:, by Mr. Berqstrom
Audun Bergstrom, Secure Tent solution, illustration first published in article at 23 Aug 2015.

The SafeTent™ is easy to assemble as the steel mesh is attached to the bearing steelframe. Simply bolt the prefabicated steelparts togheter before covering the structure with the tent fabric/ canvas. This will be a stable structure when put on flat terrain - no ground work or tent lines needed.

Over time can the residents exchange/ improve the tent fabric with other more permament materials. Insulation might be a challange, therefore will the steel mesh make it possible to attach almost any material to the structure. The tent structure can futhermore be combined with normal fence structures in the camp to create fully functional safe streets, with shops and other facilities.

The intent for this concept is to keep cost down, and use easily available materials on the market. Compared to a standard tent with only frame and fabric/ canvas, will this solution come at a higher cost (due to the increased amount of steel), but with a new standard for safety to the inhabitants of a refugee camps.