Houses for the masses v2.0

Inspired by a factory visit the 6th of April 2016, ideas for an Upgrade of the Houses for the Masses Project, have been under development. The manufacturer Mjoeselement, located inland Norway, fabricate buildingparts for the structural work for two storey buildings, including insulation. The commodities in use are plywood and polyurethane. When assembled in the automated and self- developed industryrobot, their product just needs some minor supplementary (making holes for windows/ doors and labeling the part for exact location on the building- site) before its finished.

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Industry Robot Makes Buildingparts; Source: The EggCube Youtube Channel
Open Day Factory visit, video published on 05 Aug 2016


The question how we can successfully execute low-cost housing project, lies in the core of the work by The notion of Ubuntu and interdependence is presented as essential for creating meaningful projects. By presenting solutions for mutual beneficial partnerships among various groups within the society tries to show the way for the cities of the future. This is done partly by activating social capital, as it is argued that the best way to facilitate innovation potential is to let people contact each other freely, interact on various levels and in various social circumstances. Moreover, the relationship between the economic growth and agriculture is seen as key for the development of all levels in society, through the usage of the hemp- plant in industrial use (building material, food, clothing, medicine etc)

Houses for the masses – a three step solution

1. Plant and harvest hemp
2. Process the hemp to a building material
3. Built new or improve existing housing structure

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