23 Aug 2015 - By Mr. Berqstrom, Revised 22 Jul 2016


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B for squatters - without the air & the B's

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 Living in the box
A housing solution for the future worker in the Virtual Space, where the apartment is minimized to a capsule compartment, for sleep and work. Necessary facilities is shared in common spaces.

Under Development..

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 Safe Tent
The SafeTent is easy to assemble as the steel mesh is attached to the bearing steelframe. Simply bolt the prefabicated steelparts togheter before covering the structure with the tent fabric/ canvas. This will be a stable structure when put on flat terrain - no ground work or tent lines needed.

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 Houses for the massesHouses for the masses
How to make cheap and scalable building system in a module based framework for sustainable development of areas, today known as slums, in the sub Saharan countries and at the same time provide an architectural quality for an improved living standard, both mental and physical, for the stakeholders

 City Resource Stations
By devloping a few strategic streets with the basic infrastructure in a existing (or new) slum areas, you can provide city services to a great number of residents. Keywords: Health; Connectivity; Safety; Growth

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by Mr Bergstrom
BeeCube Building System
A solution for residential complexes, to meet the need of social housing in the worlds growing cities. The solution is developed for a rapid building process with few and simple building parts. A future solution will use green material only, when available.