Freeing the people from the slavery of production - through robotics
25 Feb 2017 - By Mr. Berqstrom

Previously I have been writing about the scenario where more jobs and work seems to be overtaken by machines, software and robots. Its a process happeing today, with new smarter and better robots, taking work away from people. This topic has been on the agenda in common media for a few years, pointing out what jobs there might not be in the future.

When thinking about this, I have started get a notion about how this change can be good for people in this world, where the scenario of labour, work and the meaning of the daily effort put into different processes - must be rethought.
    - Is it really the best usage of human recourses when people do repetitive task, work on the assembly line, or other processes where people simply function as machines?

I'm starting to belive that the change seen in process might be for the better, but only when the fundamental idea about what does it mean to be human will be revised. Pehaps  people would be better of by beeing humans, finding out what does humans do best, istead of trying to compete with the mechanical processes of assembly.

In other words is it about allowing people to search for meaning, by providing the physiological needs (and preferably the safety/ security needs) of the maslow pyramid as a given floor. As an example can Finland with its test, giving every citizen a universal basic income, be a potential platform solving the Maslow challange in this new society.

This is how we might reach the stars..

Discount Welding
22 Feb 2017 - By Mr. Berqstrom

While surfing the web I came upon Grant Thompson - "The king of random". On his youtube channel you can find DIY instructions from LEGO Gummy Candy to Sugar Rockets. It's in other words a quite diverse channel, made with care and good quality editing. But there was a particular series of DIY videos that made my attention, fitting directly into the EggCube pholosophy, by sharing knowhow so people around the world can get their hardware without the big spending.

EggCube is always on the lookout for people and projects where this fundamental value is playing a part, and the Welding project by Grant is so enriching that I credit him fully with this blogpost.

Grant started this DIY projects with dismanteling a microwave, getting needed parts for a series of DIY steps towards a spotwelder.

Grant Thompson - The King of Random

Grant Thompson - The King of Random

Grant Thompson - The King of Random