Two funding One - Christmas Update
06 Dec 2016 - By Mr. Berqstrom

Several months ago I started a small project called "Two funding One" where I've begun putting aside a few dollars for every packed meal I bring to work. Please read my previous posts about this matter here, if you are interested in how two packed meals per week, can found one entreprenour a month. Since I started saving for this purpose, time pass on, and there is now enough money to fund a few loans (just in time for Christmas). Therefore I can gladly inform you about the first Kiva loan backed up by EggCube, has been given to Moises, a student from Paraguay.

At, Moises is presented as following:

"Moises is a young working man who is also studying to become something better. He is studying for an electromechanical engineering degree. His goal is to become an engineer so he can have a better quality of life. He is requesting this loan to pay for projects he has at the university so he can continue his studies". (This texst is translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer named Mary Jean Fickes

I've decided to support Moises since his storey remind me about my own struggles while being a student. As a student there is never enough of anything, so if Moises want to pursue his academic dreams, developing the next big thing, a few extra dollars to pay for his tools and materials could change the world.

Moises - Source:
Moises, from Caaguazú, Paraguay: Source:
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