BeeCube™ Building System
07 Feb 2016 - By Mr. Berqstrom, Revised 22 Jul 2016

As announced, I hereby present the BeeCube™ Building System - to meet the need of social housing in the worlds growing cities. The solution is developed for a rapid building process with few and simple parts. When new green supermaterials are developed, can the steel be replaced with carbon fibre or CNC.

BeeCube Building System
BeeCube Building System; Source:, by Mr. Berqstrom
Audun Bergstrom, BeeCube, illustration first published in article at 07 Feb 2016.

By introducing the steel truss to a modular building, all technical installation can be placed on the "green" level togheter with storrage facilities for the modular apartments below. This gives a new spacial freedom on how to design the plan- layout of the modules. With a vertical ventilation shafts this solution will clear away the standard ceiling challanges as seen in traditional modular buildings with its room height issues.

The steel column reinforces the structure, giving the builder flexibility in how many storeys to build. Depending on the the structural strenght of the modules, the builder choose an appropriate distance between the truss levels. As seen in the example above, with only two storeys between the truss levels, is it possible to use wooden modules. A bigger distance (up to 8 storeys) between the truss levels can be accomplished by using containers or steel based modules.

To complete the structure it is needed with classic cross bracing on the shortend of the building. Facade and roofingmaterial (when applied) can furthermore strengthen this part of the structure. Other buildingparts, such as staircases, corridor/access balcony  et cetera, is not showed in this example. By experimenting with the width, length, hight and dimentions of the overhang of the whole building is it possible to see how this solution might fit a great variety of scenarios.

Possible apartment sizes (approximate) as showed in the drawing above is as following;
25m2, 50m2, 75m2, 100m2, 125m2 & 150m2, when one module (3x3x9) is set to be 25m2 floor space.

This gives the builder freedom to choose the right apartment sizes appropriate to the market, stretching from the low- end and social housing - to the creation of luxury apartments; all done with the same simple building parts.