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01 Dec 2015 - By Mr. Berqstrom, Revised 09 Aug 2016

Provide solutions that will bring all of humanity to a higher standard of living than anybody has ever experienced or dreamt of..
..so that everybody can enjoy the whole Earth.

Freely written quotation from the book: The World Game by Buckminster Fuller, 1971

1. Research; Gather, develop and share knowledge about affordable and environmentally- friendly solutions, with the aim to help more people with better living conditions today and in the future.
Keywords: Smarter, Cheaper & Faster by:

- inventing new materials, structures & shapes
- finding new application for existing building materials
- using waste as a resource, or finding ways to eliminate it.
- optimizing usage of resources, the building process or the management

2. Support; Help young, prosperous individuals (or groups of people) in the field of architecture, engineering & construction, so they have the means to develop their ideas; 1. for affordable and better housing today; 2. and for their ideas on the future.

3. Educate; Provide with the nessesary Tools and Methods so all of humanity can be brought to a higher standard of living.