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The Storyline of EGGCUBE®
10 Dec 2015 - By Mr. Berqstrom, Revised 11 Sep 2016

The EGGCUBE trademark and the webspace EggCube.org sees the light of becoming a Research & Development platform on behalf of mr. berqstrom and his company.

EggCube.org developed further from beeing the host of the master thesis; Houses for the Masses, into a blog with the vision to show way on how to improve the livingstandard in the world - through the field of Architecture, Engineering & Construction

During these two years the fundament of what would become EggCube was developed. This was the project; Houses for the Masses, a complete guidebook on how to build buildings without any money. It became a extension of the EggCube trademark and the beginning of the webspace devoted to find solutions to meet the global housing crisis. Please read more about how this process affected EggCube.org as seen today.

Houses for the masses
The book - Houses for the masses; Source: EggCube.org, by Mr. Berqstrom
Audun Bergstrom, The book - Houses for the masses, first published at Aalborg University 16. Aug  2011

From an idea, EggCube grew into a Trademark with symbol and text. Probably hundreds of hours was spent, developing the final layout. The result from this work was then followed up with an application for registration of the EGGCUBE brand as an Norwegian Trademark the 3rd of May 2007.

When the registration was made public by the Norwegian Patent Bureau, the Danish company; Budde Schou Patent Attorneys made contact on behalf of one of their client. The Danish Company Brødrene Hartmann AS is a Multinational packaging producer with global registration of their trademark - with visual similarities to the EGGCUBE brand. Due to this likeness they claimed a potential trademark conflict with the newly registrated EggCube trademark. The Norwegian Patent Bureau informed by phone that they probably would favour the EGGCUBE trademark in case of a conflict. But even if the claim of similarties was a long streched shot, there was no or little reason why not to settle an agreement. 

Since the Company Brødrene Hartmann AS is "only" protecting their trademark for packaging and packaging related processes, the settlement agreed upon is limiting the EggCube trademark to be related to any emballage- material or provide service related to emaballage or emballage Production. In exchange, EggCube would have an coexistence agreement on a global scale. This settlement ment for EggCube to be an digital brand with Global growth possibilities and an early adopter of solutions now related to the Zero- Waste movement

Consequences of the 2007 non- emballage agreement:
The  EGGCUBE logo can be used on any Product or Surface, or in relations to any Service, as long it has no connection to emballage made from paper, carton & plasticfoil, or the production of it. In cases of shippment will the Product inside the package hold the EGGCUBE logo, while the outside of the package is neutral with no visible logo on the wrapping/ packaging material. The EggCube colors can on the other hand be used with care on envelopes and packages (as long as there is no recognition of the EGGCUBE logo) combined with new brands like; "..building a better world™". For cardboard houses is the material considered to be a building material or the whole structure goes as a transportable house (class 19) and is not covered by the agreement". In this way, the deal creates a framework for the EggCube.org profile and strengthens the core value of EGGCUBE to minimize unnecessary Waste.

EggCube Logo
THE EGGCUBE TRADEMARK; Source: EggCube.org, by Mr. Berqstrom
Audun Bergstrom, EggCube logo (2007), first published at Patentstyret.no 03 May 2007

     The first egg
THE FIRST EGG , Graphical Origin, 22 Feb 2003, Source: EggCube.org, by Mr. Berqstrom
Audun Bergstrom, artwork, first published at EggCube.org 01 Aug 2016