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Still a rebel? Directions forward
17 Jul 2016 - By Mr. Berqstrom

Today, almost 5 years after finishing my master thesis (the initial project and foundation for this webspace), I see the open source solutions as something more, a fresh beginning towards a better future, for most people.

When I was still a student I opposed to many of the thoughts presented at the University, with one exception. This were the theories by Marshall McLuhan. His theories starts to become real today and it will be exiting to see how the "speed" increases in the comming years. Otherwise I felt that the University mostly could offer ideas about what worked in the 20th century and the history of the past. Few thoughs and theories were generated about architectural solutions for the 21st century. Perhaps I expected to much, that  studying would make it possible to see through a glass sphere, into the future.

As I again go through my master thesis, it becomes understandable how its ideas are showing a potential future. A real future, for improving the life of people all over the world. What I did not manage, was to communicate clear on how this could work. Thats what I'm trying to do now with the webspace EggCube.org, as it developes into a grand plan, handling the exponential growth for the outer districts in the megacities of the 21st century.

My ideas might still be provocative for the establisment in the School of Architecture, but I belive time has changed - made people more ready for what's comming and how society is going to change with i, stone by stone.

Photo by Mr Bergstrom
The Reading Rebel, Train 2011; Source: EggCube.org, by Mr. Berqstrom
Audun Bergstrom, photography, first published in article at EggCube.org 17 Jul 2016