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Welcome to my initiative, EggCube.org
09 Dec 2015 - By Mr. Berqstrom, Revised 09 Aug 2016

My name is Audun Bergstrom. I'm  an Engineer, Architect, Artist, Leader and I write this blog under my pen name Mr. Berqstrom.  My education is from Aalborg University in Denmark, where I took my degree a an Civil Engineer (with specialization in Architecture) year 2011. My master thesis "Houses for the masses" can you read here on this site.

I practiced as an architect during my studies, but when finishing my studies, I started to work for a producer in the bulding industry, optimizing architectural solution for modular buildings. Later I have changed jobs several times, and work today as the chief Project manager for a mid- size Norwegian municipality (local government), where I have responsibility for building- projects with approx 15- 25 million $ (US dollar) as a yearly budget. 

Examples of building projects within my responsibility at my daily work today:
Schools, Kindergartens, Social Housing, Retirement Homes, and other facilities needed to run the local government.

Mr Berqstrom, Author of the blog EggCube.org
Audun Bergstrom, 2015