Why EggCube.org
06 Nov 2015 - By Mr. Berqstrom, revised 02 Aug 2016
This is a natural question to ask; what is the hidden driver behind someone's work. Does the work make any sense on a practical, emotional or financial level? I guess some of the answers could be found in the Crossroads page, where I in the blogpost 'Startingpoint' describe my master thesis and how this experience have given me the drive to help others in similar situations. But I am no longer a student and time is a scarce resource, so what's in it for me?

To start with, I believe in giving as a fundamental value in life. Even if it is not much, it can help others. It is furthermore a fulfilling emotion on a personal level. From the practical side of beeing an architect, engineer or project manager, I have learned that this field is a lifelong education. 

Therefore, I believe the work I do with EggCube.org brings me closer to a fundamental comprehension of the underlying nature to the human need for shelter and the primitive hut. A concept well established in the architectural theory from Vitruvius and later elaborated by Marc-Antoine (Abbe) Laugier.

In the same time, to work on projects with minimal recources, is one of the most challanging tasks to take upon. But it is in this space where the most innovative results can happen. Therfore, by doing this work I challange myself in creating new solutions, with an aim trying to help others, as well as developing my own understandment about architecture.

Furthermore, I'd like to see the idea about "the Primitive hut", combined with modern technology come true - by asking the question: what is the primitive hut of today?

About the Primitive Hut as an architectural idea
07 Nov 2015 - By Mr. Berqstrom

From Vitruvious until today has the Primitive Hut been serving as an explanation of principle to define architecture. The French Jesuit priest Marc-Antoine Laugier (1713-1769), wrote his theory about architecture in the 1753 Essai sur l'architecture. According to his theories has all architecture its origins from three essential, primitive elements:

- The column
- The entablature
- The pediment

In other words are these three primitive elements the basics for a classic roof structure, and the creation of shelter.

Marc-Antoine Laugier, Essai sur l'architecture 2nd ed. 1755