Earthbag Buildings - materials of war used for peaceful ends
06 Des 2017 - By Mr. Berqstrom

After been styding the concepts presented by Dr. Owen Geiger at Earthbagbuilding, I must say that this is by far the most optimal solution for slum upgrades and permanent refugee camps I have ever seen. It is cheap, it is simple (easy to get workers going), it gives architectrural freedom and it uses short travelled materials.

building with sandbags and barbed wire

One downside, are for areas where soil, sand or gravel are scarce. This creates the possibility for government or private to dump/ give away unhealthy earth materials that contains heavy metals, toxins or other chemicals that will reduce the quality of life for people living in the buildings made by these materials. Without the proper knowledge or resouces can it be difficult for people to know how to steer away from dangerous waste, that definitely will come at a good price.

perhaps combined with Michael E. "Mike" Reynolds Earhships ( or the bulletproof bottlehouse

Insulation is a challange with these green, but heavy building solutions. Still searching for even better material options

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